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Facade scaffolding

The main element of the façade scaffolding system is a steel frame. Therefore, the name is often used - frame scaffolding. If two frames are connected by decking, we will get a "cell". It is from these cells that the construction of scaffolding is formed.
The scaffolding elements are designed in such a way that it is simply impossible to make a mistake when assembling them. Changeable rate per installer up to 250m2 on simple surfaces as assembly is done without tools.
All steel elements are hot dip galvanized. We offer several types of decks: wooden, aluminum, steel and decks with an integrated folding ladder and a hatch for transitions between tiers. roofs.

PLETTAK façade scaffolding has a number of advantages:

  • Quick assembly without tools;
  • Economy - due to operation over 20 years;
  • Convenient storage and transportation;
  • Safety - EN 12810 and EN 12811 certified;
  • Set scaffolding from top to bottom;
  • Durability thanks to hot-dip galvanization
  • Strength of a structure with a height of more than 100 m;
  • Decks: wood, aluminium, steel, with ladder and hatch;
  • Additions: pipe fasteners, trusses, consoles and others.

You can buy facade scaffolding with different types of flooring. If you doubt the correctness of the choice, consult with our specialist using the details.

Plettak offers affordable prices for high-quality equipment, as many of our customers have seen.

If it is profitable for you to rent facade scaffolding - the price is 0.03 Euro per m2 per day - a worthy offer for safety and European quality.

For more information about renting here.

For those who want to buy facade scaffolding, we inform you - the purchase price 19.95 Euro per m2. Choose the best option so that you do not have to overpay.

We offer two types of façade scaffolding:

plettac SL 70/100 facade scaffolding

With steel or aluminum frames with passage widths of 70 and 100 cm. Frame heights from 50 to 200 cm in 50 cm increments. Decks made of wood, aluminium, steel or combined materials. Deck width 32 cm (2 decks for SL70 and 3 decks for SL100). To move between tiers, a deck with built-in folding ladder and hatch is used. It is possible to use flights of stairs next to scaffolding.

Application of facade scaffolding plettac SL 70/100 - Erection of administrative and residential buildings, Repair work.

Video: Installation of plettac SL70/100 facade scaffolding.

video price list for plettac SL 70/100 elements.


Facade scaffolding assco quadro 70/100

The difference between the assco quadro and the plettac SL is in the fastening of the flooring to the frame and in the design of the fastening point for the diagonals and handrails. The flooring is installed on forged paws, and the handrails and diagonals are fastened with a wedge connection (pocket-wedge). This fastening of the decking provides a safe distribution of loads and provides horizontal rigidity of the scaffolding. The assco quadro 70 façade scaffolding is available with steel or aluminum frames.

Assco quadro 70/100 application - construction and repair of civil and industrial facilities.


Video: Installation of facade scaffolding assco quadro 70/100.

Plettak has been a leader in the construction and security market for 25 years. Our façade scaffolding will provide you with maximum productivity and economy. We guarantee that the purchase will pay off much earlier than the service life expires, and the lease will reduce installation time and ensure safe operation!

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