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Façade Scaffolding

The welded scaffold frame is the core of this type of façade scaffold. The frames are assembled on top of each other and support the working platforms as well as access decks, side protection and bracing. The design enables maximal speed to assemble and disassemble the scaffolding.

All steel parts are hot dipped galvanized. The design and surface make the products very durable and long lasting.

Depending on the usage of frame scaffolding, we offer a wide choice of boards from wood, aluminum or steel. Our scaffolding is designed and manufactured for greater versatility that is achieved through the design of scaffold components such frames, bracing, decks and panels, side protection, base plates. A large number of accessories are therefore available for different applications. The façade scaffolding components can be used in the erection of the mobile tower scaffold.

You can always buy a façade scaffolding from our warehouse in Kiev. And also buy extras forests, which will allow you to build complex designs at the same time simplifying the assembly.
If the purchase of scaffolding is not included in your plans, you can rent them. In addition, you can take advantage of additional services for the rental and installation of scaffolding.

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