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Mobile scaffolding (towers / tours)

Thanks to a large selection of platform sizes and tour heights, you get a flexible design for indoor and outdoor work.

Plettac mobile scaffolding elements are interchangeable: by purchasing a 4.5 m high AluStar 80 tower, you can equip it to work at a height of 14 m and use elements of other types of towers.

Plettak mobile scaffolding is made of lightweight aluminum elements. Excellent corrosion protection and quality parts ensure a long service life.
For all types of plettac sliders, rollers with a diameter of 200 mm are used. The load on the roller is 11.9 kN regardless of the working height. Assembly is carried out without tools by one worker.

Application tours plettac

  • In factories of different levels
  • Installation and repair work
  • Maintenance and inspection


Plettac tower advantages

  • Reliable and lightweight aluminum structures
  • Quick assembly without tools
  • Ability to integrate with other plettac systems
  • Ease of transport and storage


plettac Aluminum mobile scaffolding


plettac alu quick 80 / platform 1.8 x 0.6 m

Miniature mobile scaffolding for quick job changes and access through narrow openings. Transportation is convenient due to the folding frame and light weight. Max working height 4 m at intervals of 25 cm. Easy assembly allows one person to work with this round.

plettac alu star 80 / platform 2.6 x 0.6 m

Max working height is 14m indoors and 10m outdoors. Choice of working height in 25 cm increments. With plywood or aluminum decks, it is easy to assemble the work platform. Telescopic legs are built into the base to adjust the width of the base according to the height of the tour. The use of special weights allows you to install the tower at a minimum distance from the object.

plettac alu star 140 / platform 2.6 x 1.2 m

A mobile tour with a large platform increases the safety and efficiency of its use. Max working height - 10 m outdoors and 14 m indoors. The height is adjustable in steps of 25 cm. The load on the towers alu star is 2 kN/m2.

Video: Installation of mobile scaffolding alu star(sifa), alu quick.


Assco rapido mobile scaffolding


assco rapido 4601 / platform 2.85 x 0.75 m

Whether you work indoors (height 13.45 m) or outdoors (height 9.45 m), with ceilings or walls, installation or maintenance - plettac aluminum scaffold towers meet all the requirements of professional mobile scaffolding.

assco rapido 4602 / platform 2.85 x 1.50 m

For bulky materials, a large platform is needed. With a working height of up to 9.6m outdoors and up to 13.6m indoors, this tour is the ideal solution. For a working height of up to 7.5 m, you can not use the driving beams: the rollers are easily inserted into the lower ends of the rack-ladders and fastened with bolts.

assco rapido 4606 / platform 1.80 x 0.75 m

Aluminum towers, thanks to the assembly mechanism and low working height, provide quick and easy movement between workplaces. This minimizes installation and transportation costs.
Working height - 7.3 m. Load on the assco rapido turret - 2 kN/m2.


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