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Стационарная подвесная платформа Alta-L / Стаціонарна підвісна платформа Alta-L Стационарная подвесная платформа Alta-S / Стаціонарна підвісна платформа Alta-S Стационарная подвесная платформа Alta-Double / Стаціонарна підвісна платформа Alta-Double
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Hanging platforms and cradles

Hanging platforms are useful alternative to scaffolds and are used at facades, tubes, masts, antennae etc.

Platforms ALTA “L” and “S” are equipped with electric hoist TIRAK that is hang on steel ropes and are used with machines that are installed on the roof. Modular construction allows assembling platforms from two to 18 m using sections 2 or 3 m. Platform strength and lightness are provided by combination of aluminium alloy with steel galvanized structural elements.

ALTA "L" is for light works such as painting and decoration, finishing, trimming and repair, window cleaning etc.

ALTA "S" is for work with heavy weight cargos on facades, breechings, towers, bridges etc. They are especially profitable for rent.

Binary platforms ALTA is reliable and checked decision for maintenance of large objects or for movement of heavy materials.

Hanging platform SOLO is electrify platform for one person based on platform ALTA “L”. It provides comfortable and quick access to any point of building façade on high 40 m. Guiding rollers prevent platform swaying.

Work seat SOLSIT is equipped with electric winches TIRAK and has two baskets for cleaning fluid or tools and guiding rollers.

Work seat SUBITO is equipped with hand-operated winch SCAFOR and is ideal for façade works on high 20 m, for its check and maintenance. Guiding rollers provide stability.

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