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модульне риштовання - scaffolding modular модульне риштування - scaffolding modular риштування модульні - scaffolding modular
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Modular scaffolding

Modular scaffolding - a set of elements for assembling scaffolding from individual modules. According to the type of connection, modular scaffolding can be divided into clamp (with pipe connections) and wedge (disk-wedge or bowl-wedge connection).

Where modular scaffolding is used

  • industrial construction
  • mining and metallurgical industry
  • energy: boilers, tanks, pipelines
  • assembly of aircraft, ships, repair of bridges
  • Construction of residential and administrative buildings
  • assembly stages and stands


The Benefits of Modular Scaffolding

  • perfect repetition of the contour of the object
  • high security and reliability
  • Long life due to galvanization
  • fast and easy assembly without tools
  • Minimum storage and transport space
  • Wide range of applications


Modular scaffolding - price for sale and rent

Buy safe and secure modular scaffolding - price when delivered from the factory is €9.95 per m3 .

For those who use scaffolding temporarily, we offer rental of modular scaffolding at a price of 0.02 € per m3 per day. Together with scaffold rental, you can use our services at scaffolding.


Plettac offers a choice of two modular scaffolding systems: plettac contur and assco futuro. The plettac contur system has a metric system, while the assco futuro system has an inch system and its own deck connection design. For the Ukrainian market, the plettac contur modular scaffolding system is most suitable.


Video: Installation of plettac modular scaffolding.


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