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модульне риштовання - scaffolding modular модульне риштування - scaffolding modular риштування модульні - scaffolding modular
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Modular Scaffolding

Modular Scaffolding is a system scaffolding comprising prefabricated individual components. This system is based on the wedge (tube coupling method. The junction enables quick and easy connection of load bearing items as well as reinforcing parts to each other with an enormous rigidity. Flat disc are welded to the standards in equal distances. Ledgers / transoms and braces are connected to the perforated disks with casted heads and wedges.

With the flexible modular units, the Plettac assco modular scaffold systems are suitable for industrial scaffold purposes. It is the scaffold system for all application in any type of industry: Refineries, Energy production, Chemical plants, Aircrafts, Shipyards, and Restoration of the architectural landmarks. The modular scaffolding plettac assco can also be used as a falsework, besides to construct stages and grandstands with it.
Modular systems can be used to create Landing Stages. We are able to provide emergency scaffolding services for situation that require immediate attention.

All steel parts are hot dipped galvanized for years of rust protection.

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