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Our best projects

We invite you to see the most significant projects Plettac. After all, any words are worth nothing if they are not tested in practice. You can see our scaffolding and hoists at specific sites and assess their benefits. Of particular note is that all calculations and installation work Plettac performs exclusively on its own.
We hope this will help you make the right choice.

Facade of the forest

The facade of Trade Unions, Kiev / more than 10000 m2


Installation of facade scaffolding for the repair of the facade to a height of 32 meters
The main complexity of the installation was complete serving area under the roof width of 4 m at a height of 30 meters.


The facade of TSUM, Kiev / 2080 m2


Installation of scaffolding at the facade of the device CUM (ul.Kreschatik) on the parapet. Parapet length of 95 m and a width of 114 cm and a height of 30 meters(!). Dimensions design made of 280 sq.m and 420 sq.m.
The central facade of collected forest design 1380 sq.m. forest plettac SL70 (height 46 m) in view of the projecting parts of the facade.


facade facade scaffolding frame Plettac construction workers on sites

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