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мачтовая рабочая платформа sc1000-sc1300 / mast work platform sc1000-sc1300 мачтовая рабочая платформа sc3500 / mast work platform sc3500 мачтовая рабочая платформа sc4000 / mast work platform sc4000 мачтовая рабочая платформа sc5000 / mast work platform sc5000 мачтовая рабочая платформа sc8000 / mast work platform sc8000 мачтовая платформа snake / mast work platform snake
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Lifting work and transport platforms

Elevating working platform

is both a work platform and a lift. People and materials moving vertically are placed on the platform.

Platforms are available with one or two masts. Steel welded sections of the mast are hot-dip galvanized. Working platforms are available with and without wheeled chassis. The platform with a wheeled chassis can be moved around the work site with the help of a built-in electric drive. Telescopic supports ensure installation of the lift without fixing the mast at a height of up to 20 m.
The platform is equipped with sockets for power tools and is protected from bad weather.

Elevating platforms are an alternative to scaffolding and increase productivity by up to 30% by reducing the cost of lowering / raising people and materials.

Application of working platforms

  • Construction: bricklaying, insulation
  • Restoration works
  • Installation of panels and stained glass windows

Advantages of working platforms

  • Lifting height - 100 m and above
  • Height without mast attachment - 20 m
  • Cargo - 8 tons
  • Platform length up to 46 m, width 1.6 m
  • Hot galvanizing steel elements
  • Built-in ground movement mechanism
  • Interchangeable sections of masts, chassis, fasteners


Video: Mobile elevating work platforms SC1000.


Transport platform - elevator

- designed for moving heavy and bulky materials. They are used for repair and construction works. Platforms are efficient enough due to their speed of lifting, versatility and the possibility of being used as a normal elevator. Other advantages include a high level of safety and economy.

Due to multi-purpose use, quick installation and compliance with EU standards, transport elevators are in high demand.

Buy a transport platform

When choosing such high-tech equipment, it makes sense to work with a reliable supplier. Careless decisions can lead to incorrect equipment selection and accidents.

Quality transport platforms can be bought in Plettak. We provide equipment that deserves trust, because it is manufactured taking into account EU standards.


Characteristics and advantages of transport elevators:

  • Compactness - use on small sites;
  • Do not require a concrete base;
  • Moving cargo and people as an elevator;
  • High lifting speed, which significantly saves time;
  • Cargo: 18 people or 2 tons of cargo.

We offer the sale of transport elevators on favorable terms. High reliability, long-term operation, maintenance at a democratic price are significant advantages. If you have any questions, our managers are ready to help.


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