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мачтовая рабочая платформа sc1000-sc1300 / mast work platform sc1000-sc1300 мачтовая рабочая платформа sc3500 / mast work platform sc3500 мачтовая рабочая платформа sc4000 / mast work platform sc4000
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Mast work platforms

Scanclimber Work Platforms are lifting machines as well as working platforms. Materials and workers can be lifted to the desired working height safety and conveniently at the same time.

The work platforms are provided in single or twin mast versions. The platform lengths are from 4 meters to 46 m and the width is 1,6 m. The mast sections are made from hot dip galvanized steel components and are precision welded.

The work platforms are available with a wheel chassis or mini-chassis. A work platform on a wheel chassis can be moved around a work site with its own electric motor, or it can also be towed using towing bars. The wheel chassis with swiveling telescopic outriggers, that can support the mast climbing work platform without anchoring up to a height of 20 m.
The platform is equipped with the weatherproof sockets for hand tools.

The mast climbing work platforms are often used as an effective alternative to scaffolds, because they can increase productivity to around 30%. The platform reduces and speeds up considerably, the time-consuming up and down travel during working days.

Work platforms applications

  • Construction: Bricklaying, Plastering etc.
  • Renovation work
  • Cladding work / Facade work
  • Balcony work / Window installation


The benefits of work platforms

  • Standard height up to 100 m and more
  • Freestanding Height up to 20 m
  • Load capacity up to 8000 kg
  • Work platform length up to 46 m
  • Steel elements hot dip galvanized
  • Integrated traveling mechanism
  • Interchangeable mast sections, chassis, anchorage, hand rails


Video: Work platforms SC1000.


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