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ворота раздвижные iGates / Gates sliding iGates ворота раздвижные из вертикальных прутьев / sliding gates with vertical bars ворота раздвижные c внешним управлением / sliding gates with external control
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Comprehensive solutions for buildings, sites and complexes protection. For these solutions is used wide spectrum of protection products. They consist of mechanical, electro-mechanical and electronic devices and of protection elements.
These high-quality and high impact products аre connected for creation of unique balance system that is called to solve five main tasks:

  • Interception
  • Detection
  • Obstruction
  • Taking actions
  • Access control

Protection against corrosion

All steel elements of gates pass the hot galvanizing in bath after cutting and welding. Powder coating guarantees the dyeing fastness to light (color of Your gate will be permanent of decades), to cohesion and rubbing.
All non-bearing gate elements are manufactured from aluminium that provides easiness of their installation and steering. Moreover, the aluminium distinguish with its high fastness against corrosion in weathering conditions.

Gates automatic

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