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Rental of scaffolds and hoists

Rental allows our clients to use high technologies from Europe at very low price. By signing rental contract for scaffolds and hoists, you have the possibility to use reliable and what the most important is safety equipment.
Our technicians select economically advantageous scaffolding system; calculate construction layout and solid state loads according to your request. Moreover, they offer to use hoist instead of scaffolds or scaffolding with hoist together for quick and economical decision of challenges.

There are enough amount of scaffold elements on Plettac stocks. This allows to rent tens of thousands meters of scaffold constructions independent from object type and specification of scaffold appliances.
All systems of Plettac scaffolds have all necessary certificates and licenses for usage in Europe, especially in Ukraine.


Rental of high technologies at acceptable prices

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Modular scaffolding
Mobile scaffolding
Hoists / Lifts
Fencing systems
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