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Stages, Grandstands, Roof

For the event to be successful and the audience to be satisfied, you need a stage. PLETTAK provides sets of stages and stands that can be used in public or private events: holidays, rallies, parties, parties and others.

The main thing is that the structures of stages, grandstands and the roof are assembled on the basis of modular scaffolding plettac assco. Therefore, if you have enough of these elements, then you may need only a few additional elements to build a stage, tribune or roof.

Show Star Stage

- a successful combination of the stage base with scaffolding and Schnakenberg scaffolding elements for the entrance to the stage. A special auxiliary element is used to cover the stage ("mirror") and fencing.
The flexibility of using our systems allows you to install stage platforms of various shapes and purposes.


AB-grand star stand

The entire base of the stands consists of scaffolding elements. Foldable plastic seats are supplied in sections of 3.
Plywood footrests and tarpaulin covers.
The tribunes are easily assembled with a 45 degree corner connection. Our grandstands can be installed for temporary or permanent use.


The advantages of modular stages, grandstands and roofs

  • Quick assembly and dismantling;
  • Maximum flexibility and security;
  • High quality, long service life.


Plettac top 75/100 modular roof

If you want to protect your workplace from the effects of the weather, the plettac top 75/10 roof will be an excellent solution. It is a set of metal elements that are hot dip galvanized, which guarantees them a long service life.

Design specifically designed to be installed on plettac scaffolding systems. When work is being done on the arrangement of the facade and roof, scaffolding is installed around the object, on which the roof is then mounted. (photo on the right).

The peculiarity of the roof is that it is installed on the scaffold and forms the only strong and safe structure that provides comfortable working conditions.

In order to order a stage, tribune or roof, you just need to fill out the form on the website plettac.ua

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