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Stages and grandstands

Show Star Stage

The Stage system show star is a successful combination of the high resilient and flexible modular scaffolding system plettac contur as the substructure and the well-engineered Schnakenberg stage system. The stage adapters, which are inserted into the vertical standards, are connecting the stage boards and the modular scaffolding system. The stage adapters are able to connect up to 4 stage boards. At the same time, guardrails are being fixed with a plug-in connection at the stage adapters.

Grandstand system AB-grand star

The grandstand system AB-grand star is a combination of the high resilient and flexible plettac contur scaffolding and high quality seat system.
Through the technology of logic combination of some plettac contur elements, you can quickly erect grandstands of any height and shape.
The main grandstands elements are reliable and compact plastic folding chairs (three chairs), guardrails and foot support from plywood.
Additional options include outside grandstands stairs, VIP grandstand seating, angle unit (45°) and sheds.
The plettac assco grandstand system AB-grand star is suitable for both permanent and temporary use.

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