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M300 / M300+CB / M350
мобильные заборы и барьеры M100 M125 M130
M400 / M400+CB / M450+CB
мобильные заборы medium M300 fence
M500+CB / M550+HT
мобильные заборы medium M400

Mobile fences (spectator fences)

The welded mesh panels in the spectator fence allows providing good security and organization of human flow easily and quickly.

Fence M125 is used for aggressive crowd control. The hook-tag system permits to connect fence sections easily and quickly. You can create the crowd control system very fast.

Fence M130 is a light version of the fence M125 using thinner pipe frame and 9 instead of 19 vertical section bars. Fence M130 is used for flow direction organization of people movement.

Fence M300 and M400 is simple, but practical fence that is ideal for maximal sections loading in one car. Panels are connected with special clamps. It is possible to deliver panels with hook-tag holding.

Fence M500 is fence with lift protection. Vertical section bars project over the upper part of panel that make it difficult to climb. Little mesh size and qualified bars welding warrant long lifetime of this fence. It is possible to deliver sliding gates of 7 m.

Fence City : M800 , M825 , M850 of undisturbed strong panels Heras Mobile is ideal for covering and distinction of workspace for safety. The idea of such fence creation is flexibility and reliability-of-security for temporary purposes.  Special posts construction and concrete bottom provide additional structural strength. The structure of the design also includes metal trapezoidal profiled in five standard colors.
M825 is a combined structure: lower part fence - is profiled and the upper - welded grating.


Video: mobile fences M500.


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