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Installation of metal structures

We carry out installation of high quality and complexity - both on the ground and at height. Carrying out installation work at height requires an increased level of security, so they are carried out by highly qualified specialists who have the appropriate certification and skills to perform such work. Our installers are licensed to carry out installation work at heights.

If you have a need for the installation of metal structures, you need to contact only specialists. Exactly such specialists work in Plettak. Our employees thoroughly know the installation technologies and have many years of experience in the implementation of various installations. They will be able to develop and offer the most suitable solution for you with the least cost of materials and time.

Ask why it is better to apply to Plettac?

  • we use reliable and proven technical means;
  • we have trained specialists whose level of training is confirmed by certificates;
  • many years of experience in high-rise work.

Our work experience is not limited to residential and administrative buildings. Our register contains a large number of historical and religious buildings, as well as industrial and energy objects.

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