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Scaffolding: assembly - rental - sale

the site Altrad plettac assco from the world-famous manufacturer ALTRAD Plettac assco offer: facade systems and modular scaffolding, mobile towers, protection from the elements - the roof module, the system stands and scenes for events and a large selection of accessories available to enhance the scope of application of these systems


The forests are made in accordance with international standards of quality, confirming that the security, flexibility and reliability are essential indicators of construction sector in the forest.

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Hoists: sale and rental

from a reliable manufacturer SCANCLIMBER: transport and work platforms, utility construction and industrial lifts. Scanclimber manufactures sophisticated and safe lifting equipment, corresponding to different requirements of customers without compromising security, high quality and durability for more than 40 years.
Most of our customers - this lifting equipment rental in the construction industry. Buying lifts often performed construction and industrial businesses.

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Fences, gates, access control systems: for sale

One of the leading suppliers of security systems HERAS, offer: railings, fences, gates, access and noise protection. We always work together with clients to make effective and optimum solution for your specific security needs. To do this, we have a wide range of products, experience, professional staff and personalized service.

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Services: assembly of scaffolding and lifts, service

only Plettak provides services for construction forests and lifts, from the project to installation at the customer site. You just need to provide a drawing of the working surface and a description of the task for using the scaffold or hoist. Our engineers, based on your assignment, will perform the calculation of the loads and select for you an economically advantageous optimal equipment that will completely satisfy your needs. All lifts at the time of rent receive our after-sales service and repairs if necessary.
Hoist on rental period receive our service and repair if necessary.

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Modular scaffolding
Mobile scaffolding
Hoists / Lifts
Fencing systems
Automatic gates
Suspended platforms
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