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Construction hoists

Scanclimber construction hoists are efficient and safe means of transporting people and materials, with a spacious hoist cage up to a lifting height of 300 m. This hoist allows single or twin cage configuration.

Stronger mast is standing on the ground station and can be erected by using manual power, or by using a crane (option).
The hoist offers different cage sizes, speed options and payload capacities. On the selected configuration can be adapted to different applications.

The low operating cost of Scanclimber construction hoists is profitable investment for construction and rental companies. These hoists are used on different construction sites around the world.

Construction hoist applications

  • Construction sites
  • Restauration and repair of buildings



  • Installation does not require a concrete foundation
  • Stronger mast and modular anchoring equipment
  • Lifting speed: 36 m/min
  • Free standing lift height of 15 m
  • Top anchoring height of 25 m
  • Cage (LхWхH): 3,2 х 1,51 х 2,1 м
  • Stepless start/stop
  • Power requirement only 36 Amps
  • With one or two cages
  • Computer controlled landing control system (option)
  • Fault diagnostic system (option)
  • Overload detection (option)
  • Outrigger for ground station (option)


Video: Construction hoists SC1432.


VideoConstruction hoists SC2032.


Видео: Строительный грузопассажирский подъемник SC1837 (2 кабины, 1 мачта).


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