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Advantages "Plettac"

Twenty years earlier - in the distant 1997 - when we started to master the market, in the country there were not only systems of scaffolding at the European level, but the concept of "system" did not exist. Namely, the systems make it possible to use the structures assembled from them for structures of any shape and purpose. The system is a wide range of elements that allows you to collect not only building scaffolding, but also podiums, stages, stands, stairs. Thanks to this plettac assco scaffolds are successfully used in many spheres of human activity.
Our scaffold systems are characterized by their precision manufacturing, durability and wear resistance due to the use of highly technological production processes and hot galvanizing.

For skilful use of all the advantages of plettac assco systems, it is necessary to have specialists who pass special trainings and training courses. This allows them in practice to apply all the flexibility of our forests, providing maximum comfort and safety for those who operate the assembled structures.

However, it is not always profitable and practical to use scaffolding. In many cases, lifting equipment is more useful. Engineers Plettaс long ago came to the conclusion that for lifting goods and people to workplaces that are at the height, it is more economical (and for costs and time) to use ladders and cranes, namely the lift. It is easily operated from the cockpit / platform or remotely from the console and provides quick and easy loading and unloading of materials and personnel. The lift with a work height of more than 100 m and is serviced on its own without the need to maintain a separate staff for this.
If you ask a construction worker with experience, he will confirm to you that the use of a forest and a ski lift in one section is an ideal combination, Allowing to accelerate the production process and save time and money.

All this you can provide Plettac - one performer and one contract. Such orders are increasingly popular and are encouraged by us in the form of significant discounts on rent and installation. Also, within the framework of such an agreement, the client receives a service on the lifts, including repairs.

We have given you the main advantages for which many customers choose Plettac. We offer long-term cooperation at a professional level and at stable prices.

Advantages of cooperation with us

  • Scaffolding systems and lifts of European quality
  • Sale, rental and installation from one supplier
  • Service and repair at the customer's site
  • Direct shipments from Europe from the manufacturer's factory
  • Regional partners in the field
  • Affordable prices and high quality of services
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