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The next issue of plettac point 01/2019 issued by ALTRAD plettac assco " Magazine for construction experts"

This issue features the following topics:

  • BAUMA column 2019
  • Information on new forest elements

and other interesting and useful materials.

Restoration in the Hagia Sophia Cathedral 1250 m3, the height of the structure is 18 m

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Mounting of the modular scaffolding altrad plettac contur for the restoration of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the architectural monument - St. Sophia Cathedral.
Thanks to the stable, reliable and most glorious safe design of the modular forest system, PLETTAK restorers have the opportunity to work on restoring mosaics and frescoes of the 11th century.


Installation of the tent camp Champions League 2018, 10,000 sq.m, Kyiv

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For the UEFA 2018 Champions League final in Kiev, in the territory of the Olympic Stadium, a camp from tent structures was mounted for VIP-persons. A total of 10 pavilions were collected with a total area of 10,000 square meters. The area of the largest pavilion was 2800 square meters. meters (width 40 m; length 70 m).


Mounting the GEDA 1500z/zp, Kiev

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Installation of the construction hoist geda 1500z/zp. A lift of 2000 kg will carry the displacement of people and cargo to a height of 50 meters. The work was performed by a team of 3 specialists in 4 working days, including a lift test.


Testing of the hoist PT2000, Kyiv

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The transport platform PT2000 was tested jointly with the renter. According to the instructions for servicing the lift, static and dynamic tests have been carried out, confirming the full operability and safety of the lifting transport platform installed on the site of the renter.
At the request of the customer - after installation of the hoist - the installation team Plettac also installed a roof and a protective shell on the hoist.


Installation of lifts on the facade of the house, Kiev

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Ensuring fast and safe lifting of materials and people on the construction site is possible only with the availability of high quality equipment. Such equipment in the form of SC4000 lifting platform and PT2000 transport platform was provided and installed by the Plettac assembly teams.
The SC4000 working platform with a load capacity of 4 tons and a length of 6 meters was mounted to a height of 40 meters.
The transport platform with load capacity 2 t and dimensions of 3.2x1.5 m installed for operation at a height of 60 m and allows the movement of goods at a speed of 24 m/min by remote control.


Assembling forests at the front of the house, Kyiv

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A qualitative repair of the façade of an ancient building is impossible without the use of front elevations. And the best choice was the choice of plettac SL forests, providing maximum comfort and safety when working with facades.
The Plettac team of 5 people installed a 1572 sq. m in 5 working days. The design used elements for the arrangement of three arches for the comfortable movement of people and transport to the courtyard of the house. From the street, the forest is completely closed with a protective net covering the sidewalk from the entry of foreign objects and construction debris to pedestrians.



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