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Installation of a 1500-square-meter tent pavilion, Koblevo

On a feast of a religious community in Koblevo Plettak performed a chef-assembly of a pavilion with a floor area of ​​1500 square meters (30x50 m) with wood flooring. The installation of the pavilion was carried out by the customer under the guidance of our three specialists.
The participation of Plettac's professional staff in the installation process management allowed the customer to significantly reduce the assembly time and reduce the cost of work to a minimum. The pavilion assembly was completed in three days. It should be noted that the elements of the pavilion and floors were 3 trucks with a trailer of 13 meters.

Scaffolding installation to replace the statue of an angel on the spire of the temple, Kiev

In order to perform the task of replacing the angel statue on the "Kievan Ukrainian Temple" spire at the Sofia Borshchagovka, Plettak specialists developed a reliable and safe construction of the plettac contur scaffolding and the scisslimber SC1300 work platform.
At the first stage it was mounted a lift that raised personnel and materials to a height of 15 meters. Then a 30-meter-high construction scaffold was going to consist of a special platform for loading and unloading materials and personnel on the lift and, in fact, designs to replace the statue itself. The scaffolding assembly was complicated by the presence on the roof of the temple of an insulated coating that could not be damaged. Then the lift was erected to a height of 30 meters from the ground level. In this case, the mounting of the lift was made directly to the construction of the scaffolding, which allowed to preserve the façade of the temple from damage.
Great experience in the implementation of such complex work allowed our specialists to complete an order to replace the statue of an angel in 10 working days. The customer was satisfied with both the term and the quality of the work.

Apartment house / hoists GEDA 1500 Z/ZP, height 55 m

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Rental and assembly lifts GEDA 1500Z/ZP to 55 m working height, load capacity of 1500 kg.
Features installation consisted in the use of special technology installation anchor fasteners.

The facade of Trade Unions, Kiev / more than 10000 m2

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Installation of facade scaffolding for the repair of the facade to a height of 32 meters
The main complexity of the installation was complete serving area under the roof width of 4 m at a height of 30 meters.

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