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Vertical bar fencing (facade fences)

Vertical bar fencing can be used for both security and decorative purposes. Bar fencing provides a high level of protection for your property, with the robust, square bars of this fence lending a business like, modern character to your exterior security.
The panels comprise of vertical square bars diamond to view, which are welded into, and protrude from the top and bottom rails.
HERAS fencing provides a high level of safety and durability and can be supplied with swing and sliding gates, wickets.

All steel parts of bar fencing are hot dipped galvanized after cutting and welding. Powder Coating provides resistance to abrasion, extreme weather conditions and fading from exposure to sunlight. Finished in a powder coating, they are available in some colors and harmonize with the surrounding environment.

Vertical bar fencing systems Application:

  • Athos - business premises, office building, educational institutions, uneven ground
  • Atlas - business premises, office buildings, educational institutions and high-visibility locations
  • Heracles - business premises, office buildings, high-visibility locations
  • Pegasus - objects with the risk of breaking (industry, car dealers and others)
  • Juventas - pre-school centers, play-schools, residential areas and play locations
  • Olympus - in places where security and attractiveness are important

Heras Adronit provides a reliable permanent and temporary fencing solution for you.

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