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Protect your borders with a fence

Safe, durable HERAS fencing provides a high level of protection for both the playground and the nuclear facility.

Plettac offers the following perimeter fences:

  • Grid - welded panels against the penetration of people and animals.
  • Vertical bars to deter intruders and traffic.
  • Soundproof - provide silence and privacy.

Welded lattice fence

- other economical protection against vandalism and intrusion. Panels  create a hard barrier that is difficult to penetrate.

Why choose a HERAS lattice fence?

  • hard to damage without special equipment
  • barbed wire protection
  • installation below ground level to prevent undermining
  • Easy and economical maintenance
  • Zinc coating - resistance to corrosion and damage.

What types of trellis are available?

  • Zenith A1 - one lattice layer. (protection against bar cutters)
  • Zenith B3 - two layers of grilles, at 90°. (protection against scrap)
  • Zenith C5 - combination of A1 and B3 (two-level protection against disc cutting tools)
  • Pallas - vertical bars run between two horizontal bars and protrude 30mm above the top level.
  • Triton is all about enhanced security and elegance. Barbed wire at the top and smooth edges at the bottom provide reliable protection.
  • Jupiter - similar to Triton, but 3 m long sections. This reduces the number of racks to install.

Tangorail vertical wire fence

- self-adjusting according to the terrain relief design. Protection of schools, playgrounds, commercial facilities and logistics centers.

Vertical bar fence offers:

  • TangoRail TR100 - for border demarcation and intrusion prevention, striking a balance between security and style.
  • TangoRail TR800 - for school and playgrounds. Curved top reduces the risk of injury to children.

Noise barriers

Insulate against noise more effectively than traditional walls and fences. Noise protection panels - structure made of polyethylene mesh, sound-absorbing mineral wool and noise-absorbing plate in a galvanized frame (sound insulation 30 dB). Used to protect public places and industrial plants.

Two types of noise barriers are available:

  • Noise reducer sound absorption 8 decibels, height 3 m
  • Noise reducer HA - sound absorption 11 decibels, height 6 m

How much does a fence cost? - inexpensive as we adapt them to your perimeter, design and security requirements.

How to install and maintain a fence? Fences are easy to assemble and maintain. You can order this service from us.

How to buy a fence? We can help protect your premises, people and property at a price that suits you.
The fencing system can be enhanced with perimeter intrusion detection and entry control.

After welding, all metal parts are galvanized and powder coated to prevent corrosion and maintain their appearance.

Heras Adronit provides a reliable permanent and temporary fencing solution for you.

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