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Accessories for the scaffold

Plettac is offering a practice-oriented and extensive accessory program to solve the daily technical and economical challenges in the scaffolding industry.
It is an effective way to reduce the labour costs and optimize transport and storage costs, reduce amortization period through the increase in the useful life of scaffolding.

Accessories for all plettac assco scaffold systems ...

  • Base plates - for leveling of uneven surfaces
  • Lattice Girders - for pedestrian passage
  • Bridges - for replacing of girders without next layer
  • Winches - for ease of material lifting
  • Pipe couplers - for fixing and reinforcement of scaffolding
  • Staircase - for vertical transportation of manpower and materials
  • Brackets - used to extend the width of working platforms
  • Consoles - for access to the niches of the façade
  • Safety nets - for dust protection
  • Safe tents - weather protection, possible heating in winter
  • Rollers beam - for erection of mobile equipment
  • Pallets - for storage and transportation of scaffolding elements

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