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Фасадні пристрої постійного доступу / Стационарные системы обслуживания фасадов Підвісна система на охолоджувачах / Подвесная люлька на градирнях підвісна система на монорейках / Подвесная система на монорельсе
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Facade Systems

Most of countries have denied facade service by elevated work platforms, alpinists and building load carriers for long. According to reliability and safety, speed and rentability of work execution they assent to modern overhead systems.

Hanging platforms and loungers Tractel with lifetime until 30 years are paid off over a period of two years! Fixed overhead systems do not need full time service, current maintenances can be executed by staff force of operator.

Tractel equipment specialness is adaption to concrete building independent from architecture difficulty. It can be fixed overhead system to 500 m length, platforms different sizes and capacity, monorail around the perimeter of building or system of mobile ramp ladders and overpasses. Overhead systems are designed as building part and are installed on the roof fixed-site or are moved by using special track or monorail system.

Overhead façade system appliances:

  • Fencing panel assembling
  • Double glazed window assembling
  • Installation of air-conditioner and firefighting systems

Types of façade overhead systems

Facade scaffolding
Modular scaffolding
Mobile scaffolding
Hoists / Lifts
Fencing systems
Automatic gates
Suspended platforms
Rent + Assembly + Service