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Repair and maintenance of hoists

Hoists need periodic maintenance: status control of hoisting equipment, efficiency check of control and safety systems.
Maintenance service is specially actually for constructions that are operated in heavy conditions. For example, hoists that are used for work at high altitude or in corrosion environment conditions.
Service technicians Plettac maintain a service of hoisting equipment both on site and on stocks in their storage period. To be intimately contact with manufacturing company, Plettac specialists have all necessary skills and experience and they have spare parts for maintenance and repair of hoists.

Before hoist construction installation, Plettac technicians make project works and testing. At this point are made soil explorations, installation site matching and efficiency check of hoist.

With enough experience of maintenance service of own equipment, Plettac offer it to other companies and enterprises.

If you use service Plettac, Your technique will be always in working condition.

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