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Use of facade scaffolding

We invite you to see the most important projects of facade scaffolding Plettac. You have the opportunity to see the facade scaffoldings frame construction at the sites and assess their advantages.
We hope this will help you make the right choice.

Assembling forests at the front of the house, Kyiv

A qualitative repair of the façade of an ancient building is impossible without the use of front elevations. And the best choice was the choice of plettac SL forests, providing maximum comfort and safety when working with facades.
The Plettac team of 5 people installed a 1572 sq. m in 5 working days. The design used elements for the arrangement of three arches for the comfortable movement of people and transport to the courtyard of the house. From the street, the forest is completely closed with a protective net covering the sidewalk from the entry of foreign objects and construction debris to pedestrians.


The facade of the Hotel building, Kiev / 1530 m2

Installation of facade scaffolding for facade repair.
When installing, it was necessary to calculate the "passage of balconies", as well as "bypass" cornices to exit the structure above the roof plane. The size of the structure was 35 m in height and 45 m in width.


The facade of Trade Unions, Kiev / more than 10000 m2

Installation of facade scaffolding for the repair of the facade to a height of 32 meters.
The main complexity of the installation was complete serving area under the roof width of 4 m at a height of 30 meters.


The facade of TSUM, Kiev / 2080 m2

Installation of scaffolding at the facade of the device CUM (ul.Kreschatik) on the parapet. Parapet length of 95 m and a width of 114 cm and a height of 30 meters(!). Dimensions design made of 280 sq.m and 420 sq.m.
The central facade of collected forest design 1380 sq.m. forest plettac SL70 (height 46 m) in view of the projecting parts of the facade.


School and kindergarten buildings / scaffolds: 10000 m2

Rent of scaffolding plettac SL for façade works.


Hanging structure / scaffolds: 240 m2, erection at the height of 65 m

Erection of hanging structure from scaffolding plettac SL for stained-glass windows installation overhead.

Lavra Bell Tower / Scaffolding: 5000 m2, the highest point of erection is 96 m

One of the most difficult scaffolds erection for renovation of main bell tower of Pechersk Lavra. Erection was made in autumn and winter (!) at the height from 30 to 96 m. Bell tower steeple was decorated with timber frame on which was installed special protective film. It provided normal work conditions for renovation workers. For cargo and people lifting was installed the hoist SC1300.

Bank / scaffolds: 8500 m2

Assembling scaffolding structure plettac SL for façade works. Existence of different auxiliary elements allowed assembling the structure that could have provided the comfortable access to all façade elements.

Pokrovsky monastery / scaffolds: 2400 m2, the highest erection point is 60 m

Reparation of Nikolsky monastery steeples was performed by assembling unique structure of scaffolding plettac-assco. Complex solid structure with weight more than 30 tons was assembled on steel beams that were installed near the base of main steeple.

Mandarin Plaza / scaffolds: 8000 m2, the highest erection point is 85 m

The erection of most scaffolding structures plettac-assco was performed with console grounds at a height of 30 m. Different façade configuration of building required professionals skills of scaffolding erection from workers.


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