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Sports fencing

Efficient fencing solutions are very important for sports facilities and sport events. Our fencing systems meet the highest requirements. We can provide a resistant and durable system that can stand up to most kind of sporting play and can reflect sound.

We offer two types of Sports fencing: BS and BS UNI fencing. The new type of BS UNI fencing is reinforced with horizontal U-profiles.
The sports fencing was manufactured to meet noise standards for sports facilities. The combination of components ensures the best noise suppression that is more softly as for steel fencing.

For fence BS UNI can be used horizontal U-profile 10x20x10 mm. For the BS fence can be placed the grate bars 8 and 6 mm horizontally and vertically.

It was confirmed, that BS UNI fence is very durable on ball hit with maximum allowable noise level.

All steel elements are protecting by hot dip galvanizing in the bath after welding to protect against corrosion and are powder-coated to keep a good appearance.

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