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ворота складывающиеся sGate / gate folding sGate

Speed gates

To get by places with handcuffed spaces quickly and safety, we offer speed gates sGate by Heras. Due to special technique of folding with amortization low level and shutter stop our gates are used everywhere, where necessary is to reach high capacity.

Opening and closing speed is 1 m/sec that provides access control in the territory and blockage of unauthorized entrance. sGate gate combine barrier speed with protection function of sliding gate.  sGate strong construction holds intensive and long-term use.

sGate is delivered complete with concrete base to provide quick installation of gates in Your site. Depending on size, speed gates are equipped with electric drive appropriate capacity.

Ordinary delivery of speed gates

  • Hinges of bronze alloy
  • Emergency switching (manual by blackout)
  • Controller is connected to any access control system
  • Average speed of  fence activation is 1 m/sec
  • Possibility to connect to fire emergency/emergency

Speed gate concepts

  • With overhead driving gear
  • With underdrive

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