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High quality products

Plettac offers high-quality products from leading European manufactures. These products are well known as most flexible and most safe systems in the scaffold and hoist sector, such as fencing systems for all housing environments, schools, sport facilities, commercial and high security sites.
All products are in conformity with all the essential EU requirements. The documents for Ukraine are to be submitted in the supply phase.

Plettac offers a large variety of products and services that meet high quality standards.

Plettac offers scaffolding, hoists and fencing systems.

Should you need scaffolding to enable safe working at height, whether it’s a small home improvement or major commercial project then please contact us.


Facade scaffolding
Modular scaffolding
Mobile scaffolding
Hoists / Lifts
Fencing systems
Automatic gates
Suspended platforms
Rent + Assembly + Service