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Welded mesh fencing is among the fastest growing types of fencing in the market. These fences combine the transparency and versatility of chain link fences with the strength and appearance of bar fencing.

Pallas Security - is a leading product in welded mesh panel series. This fence combines taut lines with durability, robustness and safety, offering optimum security for people and animals due to its lack of protruding parts. This makes Pallas Security the ideal enclosure for playgrounds, industrial premises and sites with lots of passers-by.

Pallas Light - distinguished from Pallas Security by the round posts.  Corners can be created using one post, a solution to costly corner construction. The height can be continuously varied in order to bridge differences in height. These qualities make Palls Light ideal affordable enclosures for business premises, industrial estates and public areas.
And to enable even better security this robust fence can be combined with detection systems, such as the Powerfence and Combifence detection.

Triton - can be distinguished by its attractively profiled welded mesh panels. This gives the Triton a modern and representative appearance. The mesh width of the Triton panels makes this fence virtually impossible to climb. The panel stability is improved by the distance between the posts. PVC strips can be used for noise reduction.

UNI - the U-profile can be fitted with an integrated detection cable. This fence ideal for rooms where higher levels of security are required. The UNI is a very stable and low-noise solution, making it suitable for various applications, including industrial, educational and sports environments.

All steel elements are hot dip galvanized after welding to protect against corrosion and to keep a good appearance.

Video: fence Uni Childcare.

Video: fence erection UNI.

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