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Hoists anf lifts - application

We invite you to review our best work on assembling hoists. You will see the practical application of our of hoists at work sites and assess their advantages.
We hope this will help you in choosing equipment for your tasks.

Mounting the GEDA 1500z/zp, Kiev

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Installation of the construction hoist geda 1500z/zp. A lift of 2000 kg will carry the displacement of people and cargo to a height of 50 meters. The work was performed by a team of 3 specialists in 4 working days, including a lift test.


Testing of the hoist PT2000, Kyiv

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The transport platform PT2000 was tested jointly with the renter. According to the instructions for servicing the lift, static and dynamic tests have been carried out, confirming the full operability and safety of the lifting transport platform installed on the site of the renter.
At the request of the customer - after installation of the hoist - the installation team Plettac also installed a roof and a protective shell on the hoist.

Installation of lifts on the facade of the house, Kiev

Ensuring fast and safe lifting of materials and people on the construction site is possible only with the availability of high quality equipment. Such equipment in the form of SC4000 lifting platform and PT2000 transport platform was provided and installed by the Plettac assembly teams.
The SC4000 working platform with a load capacity of 4 tons and a length of 6 meters was mounted to a height of 40 meters.
The transport platform with load capacity 2 t and dimensions of 3.2x1.5 m installed for operation at a height of 60 m and allows the movement of goods at a speed of 24 m/min by remote control.

Mounting the scanclimber SC1300 to replace the statue on the temple, Kiev

In order to perform the task of replacing the angel statue on the "Kievan Ukrainian Temple" spire at the Sofia Borshchagovka, Plettak specialists developed a reliable and secure construction of the plettac contur scaffold and a scisslimber SC1300 work platform.
At the first stage it was mounted lift to a height of 15 meters. Then a platform for loading people and materials was going on from the scaffolding. Then the lift was erected to a height of 30 meters from the ground level. In this case, the mounting of the lift was made directly to the construction of the scaffolding, which allowed to preserve the façade of the temple from damage.
Great experience in the implementation of such complex work allowed our specialists to complete an order to replace the statue of an angel in 10 working days. The customer was satisfied with both the term and the quality of the work.

Diagnostics lift sc2032

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Run Diagnostic sc2032 mast lift at the cement plant in Mykolaiv.
Feature of diagnostics was to difficulties of access to the control units, as the lift is completely covered with a thick layer of cement that can be clearly seen in the photo.
Diagnostics has identified the reasons for which the lift is out of order.

Apartment house / hoists GEDA 1500 Z/ZP, height 55 m

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Rental and assembly lifts GEDA 1500Z/ZP to 55 m working height, load capacity of 1500 kg.
Features installation consisted in the use of special technology installation anchor fasteners.

Apartment house / hoists MTP2000, height 75 m

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Installing mast mtp2000 lift to a height of 75 m.
The hoist was used for the vertical transporting of people and materials. In other words, the hoist was used as a cargo and a passenger!

Administrative building / working platform SC1300 double, height 35 m

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Mounting two SC1300 hoists to a height of 35 meters
Hoists installed in a dual form - from a single remote control!
It is possible to increase the effective surface area and load twice!

Sport Hotel / working platform SC1300, the height 55 m

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Assembling of mast working platform SC1300 on the height 55 m for façade renovation of the hotel.

Ocean Plaza Mall / working platform SC 1300, the height 18 m

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Assembling of three mast platforms on the height 18 m for façade works.

Business Centre object / construction hoist the height 40 m

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Assembling of mast construction hoist.

Industrial  object / working platform SC1300, the height 20 m

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Assembling of mast platform for walls coverage of industrial object.

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