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Tents - mounting

Our projects for installation of pavilions. You have the opportunity to see our work on the installation of pavilions.
We hope this will help you to ensure the professionalism of our installers.

Installation of the tent camp Champions League 2018, 10,000 sq.m, Kyiv

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For the UEFA 2018 Champions League final in Kiev, in the territory of the Olympic Stadium, a camp from tent structures was mounted for VIP-persons.
A total of 10 pavilions were collected with a total area of 10,000 square meters.
The area of the largest pavilion was 2800 square meters. meters (width 40 m; length 70 m).

Installation of a 1500-square-meter tent pavilion, Koblevo

On a feast of a religious community in Koblevo Plettak performed a chef-assembly of a pavilion with a floor area of ​​1500 square meters (30x50 m) with wood flooring. The installation of the pavilion was carried out by the customer under the guidance of our three specialists.
The participation of Plettac's professional staff in the installation process management allowed the customer to significantly reduce the assembly time and reduce the cost of work to a minimum. The pavilion assembly was completed in three days. It should be noted that the elements of the pavilion and floors were 3 trucks with a trailer of 13 meters.

Installation of the Bentley presentation pavilion / total pavilion area 900 m2

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The company Plettac has installed a pavilion 30x30 m (wall height 4 m, at the maximum - 9 m) for the presentation of a new model of the Bentley auto. This project was made by the group of companies Plettac just on the day of its 20th anniversary.

Installation of pavilions for Eurovision 2017 in Kiev / total area of pavilions 2725 m2

For the conduct of the song festival in Kiev, the tent structures of 8 pavilions were assembled.
4 pavilions 5х5 m, 2 pavilions - 10х20 m and 20х20 m - assembled on the podium of construction forests with the device of floors and 2 pavilions - 30х30 m and 20х20 m.
The pavilions were assembly in 5 days.

Installation of tent pavilions for Jazz Fest 2016 festival in Lviv / total area of the pavilions 4375 m2

For the jazz festival in Lviv Assemble (as at the end of the festival - demolition) of several tent pavilions with floor
. The greatest of them 2,500 square meters width of 60 meters!
Pavilions installation was completed within 10 working days, and the dismantling took 7 days.

Tents in the park pond / podium 440 m2 the height 2,5 m, tent pavilion 20х20 m1

For pavilion assembling in the park pond was mounted the podium of scaffolding plettac contur. Platform was assembled of laminate veneer wood sheets and covered with elements of decking.
Delivery and assembling of pavilion have been made for 3 working days without usage of lifting devices.

Installation of a complex of tent pavilions / halls total area was 3,800 m2

For the festival in Lviv "Alfa Jazz Fest" (Alfa Jazz Fest) was installed a few tent pavilions with a total area of 3800 square meters. Installation was carried out directly from the ground and from the podium, assembled from scaffolding. Pavilions were built with floors and in one of the pavilions used parquet tiles. The area of the largest pavilions left 2500 meters square. (50 x 50 m).

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