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plettac Emergency scaffolding

There are increasing requirements for safety and speed of rescue equipment nowadays. It must be flexible, serviceable, stable, easy to use, take up minimum place and meet the highest quality standards.

Emergency measures can be simplified and forced by using of plettac EGS system. The emergency scaffold plettac EGS is based on the standard plettac contur scaffold components.
Plettac EGS modular system saves time (2 to 5 times) in comparison with construction coupling scaffolding or wood scaffolding. High results of  Plettac EGS use are achieved by reasonable folding and high level of adjustment. This provides the desired shape allowing a scaffold to reach the hard-accessible places and uneven surfaces.

All steel elements of plettac EGS are protected against corrosion by Hot Dip Galvanizing.

Use of plettac EGS ...

  • Flood platform – overcoming of flood consequences
  • Wall support – old façade / wall area support
  • Support tower – preventing of floor slab / wall falling
  • Cantilever bridge – safe passage
  • Tripod – rescue from water wells, cracks
  • Truck – cargo and people transportation

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