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Modular Scaffolding assco futuro

The Modular scaffolding assco futuro is compatible with plettac contur scaffolding. The plettac futuro perforated disk allows connection of up to 8 ledgers or diagonals per level with varying angle ratios. Ledgers are available in different lengths. It is possible to use the platform of assco quadro system.

Use of Modular Scaffolding assco futuro

  • In the oil, gas and chemical industries
  • Shipbuilding and aircraft construction
  • Stages and grandstands

Advantages of Modular Scaffolding assco futuro

  • Up to 8 ledgers / diagonals per level
  • Flexible angle set up due to small and large connecting openings
  • The uniformity of load distribution along the axes
  • High load-bearing capacity and rigidity
  • Adaptable to a variety of floor plans and building structures
  • Flat design of perforated disk prevents built-up of plaster and dirt

Video: Assembly instruction assco futuro.

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