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assco rapido Mobile Scaffolding

assco rapido 4601 / platform 2.85 x 0.75 m

The flexible and mobile scaffold system for every purpose. No matter, weather you work indoors or outdoors, on walls or ceilings, in halls or hangars, doing installation or maintenance jobs – the assco rapido 4601 mobile aluminium scaffold system with its working platform 2.85 x 0.75 m and a maximum working height of 9.60 m outdoors and 13.6 m indoors meets all requirements of professional mobile scaffold.

assco rapido 4602 / platform 2.85 x 1.50 m

Do you work with bulky material or do you need a large working platform 2.85 x 1.5 m? The assco rapido 4602 mobile aluminium scaffold system with its working height of up to 9.60 m outdoors and 13.60 m indoors should ideally serve your purposes. Up to a working height of 7.50 m you do not need any wheel beam. The wheels are simply inserted into the lower ends of the vertical aluminium frames and are secured against falling out by fixing the wing screws.

assco rapido 4606 / platform 1.80 x 0.75 m

The assco rapido mobile 4606 aluminium scaffold system is a maneuverable mobile scaffold with folding mechanism and working platform 1.80 x 0.75 m. Quick, easy and safe move of the collapsible unit from one location to the next is possible as long as the scaffold is not too high. As the ledgers and diagonals are mostly integrated into the collapsible unit, transport and assembly efforts are significantly reduced.
The small number of components and the short erection time makes working with this mobile scaffold system even easier. The max. working height is 7,3 m in the open and inside closed areas.

The load capacity on the assco rapido Rolling Tower – 2 kN/м2.

Video: Assembling instruction assco rapido Mobile scaffolds.

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