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Façade scaffold assco quadro 70/100

Plettac assco quadro 70/100 is a durable frame scaffolding system suitable for universal purposes of use. The former is a stable façade scaffolding, which can be bought in 70 cm or 100 cm width.

The main difference between assco quadro and plettac SL70/100 is the connection of the platform to the frame and the attachment point of the struts and guardrails.

Guardrails are fixed by wedges. Two or three claws from steel or aluminium at the assco decking indicate a safe transmission of the internal and external loads. At the same time, horizontal stiffness of the scaffolding is generated.

This scaffold system is available as steel and aluminum scaffold. It complies with the requirements of the professional association and was granted several European licences. Assco qaudro 70/100 corresponds with all aspects of EN12810 and EN12811.

Usage of assco quadro frame scaffolding

  • Assco quadro can be used for new build, as well as repair of commercial, industrial and residential projects

Advantages of assco quadro frame scaffolding

  • quick and easy assembly
  • forged retainer locks
  • safe load support by means of trench struts

Video: assembly instruction assco quadro 70/100.

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