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Sight Protection

These fences provide visual protection for your home. The visual protection fencing is weather-resistant and can protect your property from curious neighbors, noise and wind. It is a perfect combination of strong structures and visual protection strips.

U-Special  U-shaped profile of SENCILO fencing 2 mm thick is optimized in construction, so it cannot be crashed even with breaker. Vertical members are welded inseparable with U-shaped profile at intersection points to give to fences additional stability. Open part of U-shaped profile is down-directed, that’s why the water and dirt don’t congregate in profile. It makes the fence more protected against corrosion.
PVC line prevent the possibility of fence climbing. 15 mm overhangs in SENCILO fences serve additionally as protection of climbing. 
PVC protection line garnishment make impossible the object view. It greatly protects your private life.

STONE WALL fence is modern and robust basket construction of galvanized grills, which are welded with metal cores. These baskets can be filled with stones at your option.

All metal details after welding pass hot galvanizing. Privacy fences have powder coating that protects against corrosion and saves the beautiful appearance.

Privacy fences:

  • Senlico - for commercial and office buildings, education institutions
  • Prolife - for commercial and office buildings, education institutions
  • Stone wall - for commercial and office buildings

Range of application of privacy fences

  • Private properties
  • Regions with higher level of safety


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